60 g/hr Ozone Water System for rent

60 g/hr ozone water system for rent by the month or longer term. Turnkey system is ready to use upon delivery, simple to set-up and produce ozonated water for your pilot test, or short term ozone need.

Call for availability and pricing on long-term rentals.

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As low as $1,850.00

This Ozone water System will produce 60 g/hr of ozone and dissolve into water flows up to 50 GPM.  This is a great pilot system for short term ozone applications or pilot tests where having a turnkey ozone system on-site would be the best method of determining if ozone will work for your application.

See full details on the OXS-60 HERE


Rental Terms:

     -Pre-payment required for all rentals - payment can be made via credit card online

     -Rental period is for term paid for, shipping time to and from customers location is not included in rental term and is not billed

     -Shipping both to and from the customer is paid by the customer - Ground shipping is okay

     -Equipment guaranteed to arrive in working order, any damage to equipment will be billed to the customer

     -Rental term can be extended at any time during the rental

     -Discounts for longer term rentals apply, arrangements must be made up front


The OXS-60 produces 60 g/hr of ozone from oxygen and introduces this ozone into water at up to 50 GPM.  The OXS-60 is designed for point of use (POU) applications where high levels of ozone in the water are required.  This system can also be used for water treatment applications where lower dissolved ozone levels are required with higher water flow rates.  For help with application information call our ozone experts, we would be glad to help.

Calculated ozone dosage rates

26.4 ppm ozone @ 10 GPM water flow

13.2 ppm ozone @ 20 GPM water flow

8.8 ppm ozone @ 30 GPM water flow

6.6 ppm ozone @ 40 GPM water flow

5.2 ppm ozone @ 50 GPM water flow

 Ozone Dosage Rate Calculator


Included Accessories

     -Ambient Ozone Sensor - Internal ambient ozone sensor for safety, turns OFF ozone production if ambient ozone levels are unsafe

     -ORP Monitor - measure ORP in water real-time and control ozone output based on ORP

     -Ozone Destruct Unit - destroy all off-gassed ozone safely

     -Internal Compressor - Provides compressed air for the system internally - no need for external compressed air

     -Internal Temp Switch - Turns OFF ozone production and sets alarm in high-temperature environments

Optional Accessories

     -UV Light - Destroy ozone in water for hydroxyl radical production

     -Dissolved ozone meter - Measure dissolved ozone in water directly real-time

     -High concentration ozone analyzer - Measure ozone production from the ozone generator


System Features:

     -One-touch ON/OFF switch

     -Adjustable ozone output 0-100%

     -Generate ozone from oxygen with the integrated oxygen concentrator

     -Generate ozone from oxygen

     -Ambient ozone safety sensor integrated in the central controller

     -CPVC piping is used for maximum ozone resistance


Physical Requirements

   Dimensions = 26" wide x 28" deep x 70" tall

   Weight = 500 lbs shipping weight

   Electrical Power = 220 VAC, 20 amp, 60 Hz power required


Common Applications:

     -Food processing

     -Bottled water

     -Surface sanitation


     -Well water treatment

     -Dairy applications


How it Works:

Ozone is produced via corona discharge.  Ozone is produced from oxygen with integrated 15 SCFH oxygen concentrator.  Ozone and oxygen are pulled through the ozone generator, with a Mazzei venturi.  The Mazzei venturi pulls ozone into water via vacuum and mixes this ozone efficiently with water.  Water pressure differential across the venturi is produced with a stainless steel Grundfos water pump.  

Ozone is mixed with the water in the ozone contact tank.  After the ozone gas is pulled into the venturi the water is further mixed in a mixing pipe prior to entering the contact tank via a mixing diffuser.  This tank will efficiently mix ozone gas with the water and provide excellent mass transfer of ozone gas with the water.  All excess ozone will be off-gassed through the air vent on the top of the contact tank.  Water will flow through the contact tank in a countercurrent flow from the ozone gas escaping from the tank.  All process water must flow through this tank offering contact time with ozone and water and efficient mixing of ozone and water.


Ozone Water System

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Unit Features

- 60 g/hr Ozone Injection System

- Dissolves into water up to 50 GPM

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