The Purifying Power of UV Light

Ultraviolet light is a naturally occurring form of radiation with powerful purifying properties. Over the years, technology has been developed and produced to artificially manufacture UV light as a reliable and cost-effective water treatment option. To learn more about UV light and how it interacts with ozone, click here.

Ultraviolet water purification systems use a shortwave UV lamp called a “germicidal” lamp to destroy harmful substances in water. The frequency of UV light produced by this lamp is deadly to viruses, bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms that can be found in water. A major benefit of using this method is that it is completely chemical-free meaning no potentially harmful chemical residue is left behind and it will not cause unpleasant tastes or odors. There is no risk of ‘overdosing’ or contaminating the water through this process and it is ready to use immediately afterward.

The germicidal lamp emits ultraviolet energy at 254 nanometers which has proved to be the most effective region of germicidal effectiveness. Water enters one end of the purifier and flows through a space between the quartz-sleeved germicidal lamp and the chamber wall. Inside, the system comes equipped with a dual-action wiper mechanism that is used to circulate the water allowing even exposure to the ultraviolet light. It also works as an internal cleaning device.

The lamps within these systems are designed to be effective up to 10,000 hours, or 14 months of continued use. During that time they are able to purify anywhere between 3 and 560 gallons per minute depending on the selected model and water quality. When the bulb runs out, replacement is simple and can be done by hand, requiring minimal disassembly.

The following diagrams display the key components of the Sanitron and Megatron ultraviolet water purification systems. The purple areas indicate the space through which the water flows to be exposed to the cleansing UV light. It is recommended that the purifier be installed horizontally as close as possible to the point of use.

Our full line of UV Systems can be viewed below. UV Systems or replacement lamps can be found below or on our website.

Sanitron Water Purifiers
Model Voltage GPM Inlet/Outlet Power Usage Height Length Width
S17A 120 3 3/4″ NPT 18W 8.1875″ 19.375″ 4.3128″
S23 120 6 3/4″NPT 25W 8.1875″ 25.375″ 4.3125″
37C 120 12 1″NPT 48W 9.5″ 39.375″ 5.6875″
S50C 120 20 1-1/2″ NPT 65W 9.5″ 52.375″ 5.6875″
S2400C 120 40 2″ NPT 140W 11.125″ 52.375″ 6.625″
S2400C 120 70-560 varies varies varies varies varies

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