The VMUS-DG3 Ozone Generator produces 20g/hr ozone from oxygen at only 6 LPM.  Double quartz dielectric produced pure ozone with no contamination.

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 The VMUS-DG3 is a wall mount ozone generator designed to produce ozone efficiently from oxygen.  This air-cooled ozone generator uses a double quartz corona cell to produce ozone.  This unique corona cell provides pure ozone production from oxygen, with the best reliability of any air-cooled ozone generator on the market.  Produce 20 g/hr of ozone efficiently from less than 6 LPM of oxygen.

The VMUS-DG3 is identical in operation and configuration as the VMUS-DG1.  The only difference between these ozone generators is the VMUS-DG1 uses one corona cell, while the VMUS-DG3 uses three corona cells to produce a greater amount of ozone from the same flow of oxygen.

The RMU-DG3 and VMUS-DG3 ozone generators use most all the same internal parts.  The VMUS series of ozone generators are wall mount, while the RMU series of ozone generators are rack mount.  Also, the VMUS-DG3 does incorporate a vacuum switch and ozone output adjusts as standard equipment, while the RMU series leaves these as options.


Key Features:

     -Produces Up to 20 g/hr ozone efficiently

     -Double quartz design corona cell

     -Air cooled

     -Wall mountable

     -Flow meter is standard

     -Adjustable output Standard

     -Flow Switch Standard

     -Detachable power cord

     -Easy to install and operate

     -Powder coated Al. cabinet

     -Can operate under pressure or vacuum

     -Circuit protection equipped


Integrated Flow switch:

The VMUS-DG uses an integrated flow switch for simple and reliable automation. This switch will turn the ozone generator ON when feed-gas flow rises above about 1.5 LPM, and turn the ozone generator OFF when feed-gas flow drops below about 1 LPM. This provides some simple automation for your ozone system. When used with a simple venturi injector the VMUS-DG will turn ON and OFF automatically based on suction from the venturi. When used with an oxygen generator the VMUS-4 will turn ON and OFF automatically when flow starts or stops from the oxygen generator. This feature eliminates the need for external wiring or flow/pressure switches.

When the ozone generator is turned OFF due to no flow, the No Flow light illuminates indicating this. When flow is present this No Flow light will go out, and the blue Ozone light will illuminate, indicating ozone is now produced.

ozone generator output selector

Adjustable Ozone Output:

The VMUS-DG uses a digitally adjustable ozone output shown in the image above. This will allow setting the ozone output from 0-100% using the rocker switch. Green status lights will show the current power setting of the ozone generator clearly and easily. The ozone output can also be adjusted while the ozone generator is in a No Flow status and not producing ozone.

Circuit Protection:

The VMUS-DG uses a sophisticated power inverter board that will protect the corona cell and/or transformer against failure. In the event the corona cell does become contaminated with moisture, or dust the inverter will turn OFF ozone production immediately to protect against damage. Every 6 seconds this inverter will attempt to produce ozone and will restart automatically when conditions improve. While we hope our customers never flood, or contaminated the ozone generator corona cell, we know this is a possibility, and this circuit protection will prevent potentially costly repairs.


Ozone Production from Oxygen:

O3  Output       
O2 Flow       O3 Concentration
11.1 g/hr 2.0 LPM 93 g/m3
13.8 g/hr 2.5 LPM 92 g/m3
15.9 g/hr 3.0 LPM 88 g/m3
17.43 g/hr 3.5 LPM 83 g/m3
18.72 g/hr 4.0 LPM 78 g/m3
19.9 g/hr 4.5 LPM 74 g/m3
21.9 g/hr 5.0 LPM 73 g/m3
23.1 g/hr 5.5 LPM 70 g/m3
23.4 g/hr 6.0 LPM 65 g/m3
23.7 g/hr 6.5 LPM 61 g/m3
23.9 g/hr 7.0 LPM 57 g/m3
24.3 g/hr 7.5 LPM 54 g/m3
24.9 g/hr 8.0 LPM 52 g/m3
24.9 g/hr 8.5 LPM 49 g/m3
25.3 g/hr 9.0 LPM 47 g/m3
26.7 g/hr 10 LPM 44 g/m3

 VMUS-DG3 Performance Chart

Click on image for larger view


VMUS-DG3 Performance Chart showing each ozone output set-point production:

VMUS-DG3 ozone generator performance

Click on image for larger view



Using the VMUS-DG3 with Oxygen:

We provide a variety of oxygen concentrators that could be used with theVMUS-DG3 Our recommendation would be the Aerous-15 Oxygen Concentrator.  The Aerous-15 will produce 7 LPM of oxygen, this is sufficient for a full 20 g/hr of ozone production from the VMUS-DG3.  The oxygen pressures flows and general operation of the Aerous-8 will be a great fit with the VMUS-10.  However, if you choose to use your own oxygen concentrator, simply contact our office and let us ensure it is the right fit for your application.

Keep in mind that ozone generated from oxygen will be generated at a high concentration, and will, therefore, dissolve into water more efficiently. Therefore, if using ozone to be dissolved into water consider using an oxygen concentrator first.


VMUS-DG3 Ozone Generator with OXUS-8 Oxygen Concentrator

 Click on image to enlarge


Ozone Production from Dry Air:

The VMUS-DG3 is tuned for optimum performance on oxygen.  Therefore, it does not produce ozone efficiently from dry air, and is not suggested for dry air applications.  The tested ozone output is shown below for reference.

O3  Output       
O2 Flow       O3 Concentration
1.32 g/hr 2 LPM 11 g/m3
2.4 g/hr 4 LPM 76.5 g/m3
3.35 g/hr 6 LPM 69.3 g/m3
4.08 g/hr 8 LPM 64.0 g/m3
4.98 g/hr 10 LPM 58.2 g/m3

 VMUS-DG3 Performance Chart on air


Double Quartz Corona Cell:

The RMU-DG uses double quartz corona cell technology.  The corona cell used in the RMU-DG is made of true quartz.  See image below for example.  The oxygen gas is plumbed inside the ozone generator via Teflon tubing.  This oxygen will pass into the quartz corona cell and touch only quartz materials.  The stainless steel electrode and cathode are placed on the outside and inside the quartz tube.  The oxygen/ozone gas never touch any metal materials.


This double quartz design will completely eliminate leaks in the corona cell.  This also dramatically increase the reliability of the corona cell.  As the corona cell dielectric and construction are true quartz, not glass, they are ridged and strong, yet also completely impervious to ozone. 

The VMUS-DG1 uses one of the cells shown in the image above.  The VMUS-DG3 uses three of these cells.  Each is air cooled and plumbed in series.

The Quartz dielectric uses aluminum cooling fins enclosing (and protecting) the quartz dielectric.  This corona cell is air cooled via fans from the outside of the cell but is also cooled through the hollow tube inside the quartz dielectric.   This allows the corona cell to be cooled both internally and externally.  Better cooling reduces heat and allows ozone to be produced more efficiently.

The DG series of ozone generators will produce the purest possible ozone, yet offer the best reliability in any corona cell design.

Replacement Parts:

DGE double glass electrode
DGE double glass electrode

Nipple fitting












How to Repair a VMUS-DG-3:


VMUS-DG Manual

DG Series Brochure

VMUS-DG1 Performance on Oxygen

VMUS-DG1 Performance on Dry Air


Ozone Generator Information:

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More Information
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Call For Price No
Ozone Output 20 g/hr ozone from oxygen,
Feed Gas Oxygen
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 4 LPM oxygen to produce 12 g/hr ozone
Operating Pressure 5 PSI
Max Pressure 5 PSI
Manufacturer Azco
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Corona Cell Double Quartz
Gas Connections 1/4" barbed fittings
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4" x 12.5" x 18"

Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Max O3 % 7.5% - 10%
Power Requirements 110V60hZ, 220V50hZ
Lead Time In Stock
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin Canada
Description Enclosure Dimensions: 18-inch height x 12.5-inch width x 4-inch depth Generator Weight: 15 lb
Unit Features

Ozone Output: 

- 20 g/hr ozone from oxygen

- 20 g/hr ozone from 6 LPM oxygen @ 4% by weight

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