Trailer #1 - 100 g/hr O3

Ozone trailer available for rent.  5.2 lb/day (100 g/hr) ozone production.  Turnkey trailer requires only electrical power for operation.  Available for rent by the month.

Trailer set-up for groundwater remediation.  Includes 12 output manifold with sparge air supplement for in-situ remediation.

Call for availability and pricing on long-term rentals.

*If multiple quantities are added to cart – this is additional months or weeks. If multiple units are needed, please make this comment in the checkout process.


This ozone trailer is built and configured specifically for groundwater remediation applications.  However, this trailer can be used for many applications for pilot tests or short-term ozone applications.  If necessary we can also configure the trailer specifically for your application if custom control or delivery equipment is required. Call us for details on the best setup for your process.


Ozone Trailer Specifications:

     -5.2 lb/day ozone production (100 g/hr)

     -50 SCFH oxygen production

     -5 CFM additional sparge air flow

     -Manifold with 12 ozone outputs each controlled by solenoid valve

     -50 PSI continuous oxygen/ozone pressure

     -65 PSI max oxygen/ozone pressure

     -100 PSI max air sparge pressure (breakthrough pressure)

     -Trailer size = 7’ wide x 14’ long trailer

 Ozone rental trailer


Ozone rental trailer features:

     -100 PSI sparge pressure (break-through) pressure

     -45 PSI operational pressure for full ozone and oxygen flow

     -12 individually controlled ozone outputs

     -Complete telemetry system using AT&T hotspot for connection.

     -Bumper hitch trailer with walk-in door and rear doors

     -Rotary Screw Air compressor - minimal maintenance

     -Refrigerant air dryer keeps air dry and system reliable

     -Control system with touch screen HMI for valve timing

     -All operational system logged

     -Digital oxygen mass flow meter shows oxygen/ozone flow remotely


Ozone System Controls:

The Ozone System will be controlled by one central control system. This will control all components automatically for reliable and safe operation. Operation of system is performed with simple to use touch screen interface. All well timing, operation, and logging information is also performed on this touch screen panel for convenience.

 It is also possible to operate and monitor the system remotely via a telemetry system. The system will be connected to the internet via wireless AT&T modem, also available is a wired, or cellular data connection. When operating the system remotely every operational parameter available while at the actual control panel is also available remotely. Logged data can also be downloaded remotely for reporting purposes. The system can be set-up to send e-mails for alarm conditions.



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Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Unit Features

- 5.2 lb/day (100 g/hr) Ozone Production

- 50 SCFH Oxygen Production

Rental Period Monthly
Size 14' long trailer
Max Pressure 100 PSI
Model Rental Trailer #1
Operating Pressure 45 PSI
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