300 g/hr Ozone System for Rent

300 g/hr Ozone Generation System for rent.  System will produce up to 300 g/hr of ozone from oxygen for your short-term ozone application.  Requires only compressed air and electrical power for operation.  We have a Rotary Screw compressor available to rent with this system for a complete set-up.

Call for availability and pricing on long-term rentals.


300 g/hr Ozone Generation System for Rent

Turnkey ozone generation system will require only compressed air and electrical power for operation.  Fully automated system requires only compressed air and electrical power for operation.  All required safety sensors and ancillary components are integrated onto the skid for an easy one-touch start-up and shut-down of this system.

System Specifications:

  • 300 g/hr ozone produced at 8% by weight from 90 SCFH oxygen
  • 90 SCFH oxygen produced at 93% purity from the AS-D AirSep oxygen generator
  • 12,000 BTU water chiller to provide chilled circulating water for the ozone generator

System is capable of full turn-down ability to produce ozone at lower production rates, and higher ozone concentrations.  Ozone gas concentrations up to 12% are possible with this system.

This system is also equipped with a water pump for ozone injection, or provide ozone gas to a process application.  Water pump capable of water flows up to 200 GPM.  Completely turnkey system only requires compressed air and electrical power for operation

Electrical power = 220 VAC, 3-phase - 30 amp

Compressed air = 22 CFM clean, dry compressed air


Rental Terms:

  • Pre-payment required for all rentals - payment can be made via credit card online
  • Rental period is for term paid for, shipping time to and from customers location is not included in rental term and is not billed
  • Shipping both to and from the customer is paid by the customer - Ground shipping is okay
  • Equipment guaranteed to arrive in working order, any damage to equipment will be billed to customer
  • Rental term can be extended at any time during the rental
  • Discounts for longer term rentals apply, arrangements must be made up front

System Features

  • One-touch ON/OFF switch
  • Adjustable ozone output 0-100%
  • Generate ozone from oxygen with the integrated oxygen concentrator
  • Generate ozone from oxygen
  • Ambient ozone safety sensor integrated into the central controller
  • Air pressure switch to turn system ON/OFF based on air pressure
  • Oxygen pressure switch will turn ozone generator OFF based on low oxygen pressure
  • High temp alarm will turn system OFF due to high ambient temperatures
  • High water temp alarm to turn OFF ozone generator due to high chiller water temperatures

Physical Requirements

  • Dimensions = 55" wide x 55" deep x 72" tall
  • Weight = 1800 lbs shipping weight
  • Electrical Power = 220 VAC, 3-phase, 30 amp, 60 Hz power required
More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Rental Period Weekly
Max Pressure 50 PSI ozone gas - 100 PSI water pressure
Model 300 g/hr ozone system for rent
Operating Pressure 30 PSI ozone gas - 60 PSI water pressure
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