Q46H Dissolved Ozone Meter Rental

Measure dissolved ozone with the Q46H monitor real-time.  This rental unit is shipped on an aluminum plate ready for operation as a stand-alone device, or integrated onto one of our ozone water systems.  Measure ozone up to 200 ppm with 1 ppb resolution with 4-user settable ranges. 

Ozone Information

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As low as $350.00

The Q46H dissolved ozone meter is a real-time device to measure ozone in water in your process.  We provide this unit mounted to a handy aluminum plate, all wired, plumbed, and ready for operation.  This unit requires 120 VAC electrical power for operation.  Plumb water connection into the needle valve for easy regulation of flow, and the drain to a suitable location.  All other set-up and assembly is complete.

Datalogging of your ozone levels is possible with the 4-20 mA output to your device, or we can provide an external datalogging device for your use. 

How the Rental Works:

     -You place the order via website or phone with credit card for weekly or monthly rental

     -We ship device to your location using your preferred shipping carier

     -Rental period of 7 or 30 days begins when device arrives to your location

     -Device is in use for 7 or 30 days

     -Rental period ends when you ship device back using your prefferred carrier

     -When we recieve device we check over for proper operation, calibrate if necessary and get it ready for the next customer!

There are 4 User Settable Ranges to choose from on q46 Ozone Meter:

        0-200 ppb (1 ppb resolution)

        0-2.000 ppm (0.001 ppm resolution)

        0-20.00 ppm (0.01 ppm resolution)

        0-200.0 ppm (0.1 ppm resolution)


Q46H/64 Ozone Monitor Specifications:

Sensor Type

 Membrane-covered Polargraphic (flow type or submersible)


 0-200.0 PPB, 0-2.000 PPM, 0-20.00 PPM, 0-200.0 PPM (mg/l)

Response Time

 90% in 60 seconds


 ± 0.01 PPM


 ± 0.01 PPM

Zero Drift

 < 0.01 PPM/month

Analog Output

Two isolated 4-20 mA, 500 Ώ load max. (3rd output optional)

Relay Output

Three SPDT, contacts rated 6 amp @ 250 VAC, 5 amp @ 24 VDC (3 additional low power SPST non-isolated relays optional)

Operating Conditions

 0-60-deg C


 NEMA 4X (IP-66) Polycarbonate, V-0 flammability


 4 digit, 0.75” numeric LCD with 12 digit second line, LED back light


 lbs. (2.7 Kg), includes flowcell and accessories 

Wetted Materials

 PVC and Titanium

Sensor Cable

 25 ft. (7.5 m) standard, 100 ft. (30 m) max. with junction box

Sample Temperature

 0-50° C

Sample Pressure

 0-50 PSIG (Pressure controlled to fixed value)

Temperature Sensor

 Internal Pt100 RTD

Flowcell Materials

 Acrylic with barb fittings

Sample Flowrate

 7-15 GPH (0.5-1.0 LPM)

Sample Connections

 1/4” I.D. hose barb inlet, 1/2” I.D. hose barb drain for standard flowcell


 CE marked to BS EN 61326-1:2006 Standard UL and CSA General Purpose


 4.4”H x 4.4”W x 3.5”D (111 x 111 x 90 mm)

Mounting Options

 Wall or pipe mounting bracket supplied

Conduit Entry

 Two PG-9 cord grips, 0.16-0.31” diameter cable

Ambient Temperature

 Operating: -40° to + 60°C Storage: -40° to + 70°C

Ambient Humidity

 0-95%, Non-condensing



Q46H Ozone Meter Features:

     -Wide Detection Ranges - User Settable ranges from 0-200 PPB up to 0-200 PPM provide maximum application flexibility.

      -AC or DC Power Options - Power options include universal 100-240 VAC or 12-24 VDC

     -Analog Output -  Two isolated 4-20 mA outputs are standard, with an option for a third output if required. Default setting provides analog outputs for ozone and temperature.

     -PID Output - Standard PID control function assignable to one analog output.

     -Relay Outputs - Three SPDT relays are standard

     -Clear Display - Back-lit large LCD display provides clear visibility in any lighting conditions. A scrolling second line on the display provides additional information and programming prompts.

     -pH Input Option- Enables monitor to measure both ozone and pH. One analog output may be assigned to the pH measurement, allowing remote monitoring and recording of both ozone pH simultaneously.

     -Flexible Mounting - NEMA 4X (IP-66) enclosure is suitable for wall, pipe, or panel mounting.


Constant Head Flowcell:

The dissolved ozone sensor will provide the best performance when used with the constant-head flowcell.  When monitoring ozone levels below 0.5 ppm this method should always be used.  Water pressure on the sensor and water flow are automatically controlled via the gravity flow chambers in the flowcell.  Water flows of 400 - 500 cc/min will be used.



The q46H Ozone Sensors must be calibrated on-site with the customers' water in process. As pressure and water flow will affect the calibration it is important to perform the calibration in the specific process the sensor will be used to measure ozone in.

Calibration frequency will depend upon ozone concentration in the water and water quality. Higher dissolved ozone levels will consume the electrolyte solution and membrane quality quicker than low levels of ozone. At ozone levels below 2.0 ppm we find the q46H can maintain stable readings for 6-months at a time between calibrations. However, at ozone levels greater than 20 ppm calibration should be performed at least monthly and ozone levels greater than 100 ppm will require weekly or even daily calibration.

Calibration should be performed with a colorimetric dissolved ozone test kit.



Q46H/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor Brochure

Q46H/64 Typical Specs

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer ATI
Call For Price No
Unit Features

- Dissolved Ozone Meter to Measure Ozone in Water

- 4 User Settable Ranges

               - 0-200 ppb, 0-200 ppm, 0-20 ppm, 0-2 ppm

- 3 Relay Outputs

- Weekly, Monthly Rental Period

Size 4.4”H x 4.4”W x 3.5”D (111 x 111 x 90 mm)
Max Pressure 0 PSI
Model Q46H/64
Operating Pressure 0 - 100 PSI
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