OXG-100 Rental

Turnkey ozone generator for rent.  100 g/hr ozone generator with integrated oxygen concentrator will produce 100 g/hr of ozone from oxygen with only electrical power and compressed air required for operation.    Integrated oxygen concentrator produces 20 LPM oxygen for efficient ozone generation.

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Call For Price

Call For Price

For a complete turnkey ozone generation solution, the OXG-100 is a great ozone generator to start with.  Complete self-contained air-cooled ozone generator includes the oxygen concentrator and ozone generation cell to produce 100 g/hr of ozone in this compact package.  Only 220 VAC electrical power and 8 CFM compressed air required for operation. 

Rent this ozone generator by the week or month for your short term pilot test or simply to determine of ozone is the right solution for your application.


Key Features:

     -Turnkey ozone generator with integrated oxygen concentrator

     -Produces 100 g/hr ozone from oxygen at 6% by weight

     -Produces 20 LPM oxygen for ozone production

     -Ozone/oxygen delivery pressure of up to 20 PSI 

     -Very efficient ozone generator produces high concentrations of ozone 

     -Wall mountable

     -Integrated flow meter is standard

     -Adjustable ozone output

     -Easy to install and operate


Rental Terms:

     -Pre-payment required for all rentals - payment can be made via credit card online

     -Rental period is for term paid for, shipping time to and from customers location is not included in rental term and is not billed

     -Shipping both to and from the customer is paid by the customer - Ground shipping is okay

     -Equipment guaranteed to arrive in working order, any damage to equipment will be billed to customer

     -Rental term can be extended at any time during the rental

     -Discounts for longer term rentals apply, arrangements must be made up front


Ozone Production:

 Ozone Production 


 Oxygen Flow 


 Ozone Concentration 

% by weight

 O3 Concentration 


70 10 8.5 121
80 14 6.6 97.5
90 17 6.5 92
100 20 6.0 86



Key Features:

     -Produces Up to 100 g/hr ozone from oxygen

     -10 PSI of ozone/oxygen delivery pressure

     -Integrated oxygen concentrator

     -Integrated ambient ozone leak sensor for human safety

     -Air cooled (no cooling water required)

     -Quiet operation, ozone whine from ozone generator

     -Adjustable ozone output from 0-100%

     -Easy to install and operate


Common Applications:

     -Food processing

     -Bottled water

     -Surface sanitation


     -Well water treatment

     -Dairy applications



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More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Size 19" wide x 20" deep x 7" tall
Max Pressure 10 PSI
Model RMU16-K6
Operating Pressure -5 PSI - 10 PSI
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