S-500 Rental

The Aeroqual Series 500 lets you log data for the gases you measure, making your record-keeping easy. Rent for a month for trial applications or to determine your current gas levels.

Sensors available are: Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, VOC, Particulate Matter, and Carbon Monoxide

S-500 Rental Guide

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As low as $190.00

The Aeroqual Series 500 is the flagship of the Aeroqual portable monitoring lineup, and we are offering it as a rental option.  We keep this detector available with select sensors for our customers who are unsure of what level of toxic gas they are detecting, or for short term applications. The included software makes it easy to download and handle the data you log. It also has relay and voltage outputs, letting it interface to your controls and external datalogger systems.

Currently available sensors are:

   -Ozone 0-0.5 ppm (OZL)

   -Nitrogen Dioxide 0-1 ppm (ENW)

   -VOC 0-500 ppm (VP)

   -Particulate Matter PM2.5/10 (PM)

   -Carbon Monoxide 0-1000 ppm (CO)

There are additional sensors available for the S-500, what we have available for stock will change, please call if you have a specific gas requirement to see if we can meet your needs.

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 Click here if you are interested in renting the Series 200 an entry level device


How the Rental Works:

     -You place the order via website or phone with credit card for weekly or monthly rental

     -We ship device to your location using your preferred shipping carier

     -Rental period of 7 or 30 days begins when device arrives to your location

     -Device is in use for 7 or 30 days

     -Rental period ends when you ship device back using your prefferred carrier

     -When we recieve device we check over for proper operation, calibrate if necessary and get it ready for the next customer!



     -Fits comfortably in the hand

     -One monitor compatible with up to 30 different sensors

     -Data logged directly onto monitor base

     -Audible alarm functionality

     -Changing sensors takes seconds and can be done anywhere

     -Remote sensor capability

     -Long life lithium battery technology

     -Zero and span calibrate in the field

     -Free PC software (Windows 7, 8, XP compatible)

     -Connect direct to PC via USB



     -Source and leak detection

     -Process control

     -Health and safety monitoring

     -Indoor air quality


What's Included:

     -Monitor Base

     -LCD Display

     -Lithium battery and charger

     -Integrated datalogger

     -0-5 VDC output

     -Zero and span calibration adjustment

     -Low and high audible alarm

     -Monitor to USB cable for connection to PC

     -PC software for datalogging

 Everything that comes with the Aeroqual Series-500

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Control and Interface Features:

The monitor can also operate in control mode. Upper and lower control limits can be easily set directly on the display. Using the 0-5V output the Series 500 can be used to switch on or off an externally connected device, such as an ozone generator, or system in the presence of a predetermined level of gas. By selecting the optional wall-mount bracket and plugging in mains power the Series 500 is effectively able to act as a fixed monitor as well as a handheld portable device.

Other features on the Series 500 include monitor ID and location ID. Monitor ID identifies the monitor uniquely and ensures that all data from it are tied to that monitor. Location ID can be used to tag measurements to a specific location which is helpful when sampling at a number of sites over the course of a day or week. High and low alarms can also be configured to alert when ozone concentrations have reach a user defined set point.


Interchangeable Sensors:

Sensor heads for the Series-500 are interchangeable, allowing you to detect many gasses with one device. Using the optional carry cases you can keep your Series-500, optional accessories, and spare sensor heads all in one safe, portable case.


Each sensor head will fit each handheld device.  Simply pull the sensor out and put a different sensor in its place.  The S-500 will recognize the sensor and display the proper range and gas on the screen.


Sensor head parts


Replacement (or additional) sensor heads are available for all of the gases listed above. You can find their details and pricing on our Replacement Sensors page!

Note: sensors for the optional enclosure, R13, outdoor enclosure, or environmental enclosure are all calibrated specifically for an enclosure.  Please specify when ordering if you are using sensor in an enclosure.


Data Logging:

The Aeroqual Series-500 has the most user friendly and flexible data logging software of any gas detector we have tested.  Data is stored on board the Series 500 with a maximum 8,188 records available. To download the data a USB cable is supplied for connection to PC. Free PC software provided with the Series 500 takes the data and presents it in a chart or table view.

The Aeroqual software will allow for table, or graph view that can be printed or displayed on the screen.  Date can also be exported to Excel or CSV file.  A handy daily log view is also possible with this software showing the average gas level for each day.

Data logging intervals can be chosen from 1 minute, to any duration the user chooses.  At 5-minute intervals the Series-500 can store data for over 28 days.


Screen shot below shows the table and graph view available in the Aeroqual data logging software.  User can choose either table or graph mode, and can choose timeframe to capture data from.

s-500 data logging example

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Screen below shows the Daily View mode.  User can choose to show a summary of data showing each day's summary of min, max, and average captured data.

Aeroqual Data logging software

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Screen below shows the monitor set-up that can be performed from the Aeroqual Software.  Using this software the monitor can be plugged into the PC and set-up without having to access the monitor.  This is useful for outdoor, or potentially remote monitoring stations.  Monitor logging intervals, alarm, and relay set-points can all be changed from your PC.

Aeroqual Monitor set-up software

Click image for larger view



Sensor Specifications for Handheld Aeroqual Series 500:

Sensor Specification for Aeroqual Handheld sensor

Click on image for full size image

Full list of technical information and specifications for all Aeroqual sensors



S-500 Rental Guide

Series 500 Product Brochure

Series 500 Quick Guide

Series-500 Operation Manual

Series-500 Datalogging software (download)

Aeroqual Portable Air Quality Monitor Information


Case Studies using the Series-500 Monitor:

Outdoor Air Quality monitoring in the Niger Delta

Indoor Air Quality monitoring in Trinidad and Tobago, simultanious CO, CO2, VOC, Temp, and RH measurement

Solar Powered Outdoor air quality monitoring in San Joaquin, CA

Real-time, portable outdoor air quality monitoring in Birmingham, UK


Links to Additional Information:

Aeroqual Calibration

More Information
Manufacturer Aeroqual
Call For Price No
Gas Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), Particulate Matter (PM), VOC
4-20 mA Output No
Relays 1 Alarm Relay + 1 Control Relay
Field Replaceable Sensor Yes
Min, Max, Avg Yes
Voltage Output 0-5 V
Power Requirements 12V DC via supplied adapter
Datalogging Yes
Rechargeable Yes
Field Replaceable Battery Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Audible Alarm Yes
Calibration Annually
Sensor Life 2 Years
Range Gas Dependent
Unit Features

- Mutiple Gas Detection Sensors: 

            - Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, PM, VOC, Nitrogen Dioxide

- Data Logging Capabilities

- Audible Alarm - High and Low

- Reads Min, Max, Avg

- Battery powered with charging cord

- Weekly, Monthly Rental Period Avalible 

Sensor Range

Gas Dependent

Resolution Gas Dependent
Integrated Relays Yes
Sensor Range

Gas Dependent

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