RMU16-K6 Rental

Ozone Generator for rent.  16 g/hr ozone from dry air or 30 g/hr ozone from oxygen.  Air cooled corona discharge ozone generator is compact and easy to use.  Available to rent monthly or weekly


RMU16-K6 Ozone Generator is available for rent for your short-term ozone test.  This is a very versatile ozone generator, air cooled so no cooling water is necessary.  This ozone generator can produce ozone efficiently from dry air (16 g/hr) or oxygen (30 g/hr) and under vacuum or pressure.  If you are not sure what ozone generator is right for you, the RMU16-K6 is a great place to start!

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Rental Terms:

  • Pre-payment required for all rentals - payment can be made via credit card online
  • Rental period is for term paid for, shipping time to and from customers location is not included in rental term and is not billed
  • Shipping both to and from the customer is paid by the customer - Ground shipping is okay
  • Equipment guaranteed to arrive in working order, any damage to equipment will be billed to customer
  • Rental term can be extended at any time during the rental
  • Discounts for longer term rentals apply, arrangements must be made up front



Ozone Production

16 g/hr from 16 LPM dry air

30 g/hr from 8 LPM Oxygen


Key Features

  • Produces Up to 16 g/hr ozone from dry air
  • Rack mount or benchtop mount
  • Flow meter is standard - with valve
  • Adjustable output Standard
  • Pressure Switch Standard
  • Detachable power chord
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Powder coated Aluminum cabinet


Common Applications


More Information
Manufacturer Azco
Call For Price No
Listing Description N/A
Rental Period N/A
Max Pressure 10 PSI
Model RMU16-K6
Operating Pressure -5 PSI - 10 PSI
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