Fixed Mount Ozone

Fixed Mount Ambient Ozone Sensors for measuring ozone in air.  These sensors will have relays, alarms, and other control devices to provide safey alarms and control of equipment.

Monitor IDRangeAudible AlarmIntegrated RelaysFeaturesPrice

C-30ZX Wall Mount ozone monitorC-30ZX

0-0.14 ppm Yes Yes $520

SM-70 Fixed mount ozone monitor with alarmSM-70

Yes Yes $700

B12 Ozone Detector transmitterB12

No No $600

OS-6 Remote Sensing ozone monitorOS-6

No Yes $795

Aeroqual S-930 Ozone Monitor with sensor headS-930

No Yes $955

A14/A11 Ozone Detector remote mount nema enclosureA14/A11

Optional  Yes $1,095

ATI F12D Fixed mount ozone monitor with relays F12-D

No  Yes $1,100

ATI F12IS Fixed mount ozone monitorF12-IS

No No $1,125

ATI D12 XP Rated Ozone MonitorD12

No  Yes  $1,350

Aeroqual S-900 fixed mount ozone monitorS-900

No  Yes  $570

ATI B12 Ozone Monitor for wet gas applicationsB12 Wet Gas

No No $1,250

ATI B14 Ozone Detection SystemB14

No No $620
OEM Ozone Monitors

Eco-Sensors OEM-1 Ozone MonitorOEM-1

No Yes $275

EcoSensors OEM-2 ozone monitorOEM-2

No Yes $325

EcoSensors OEM-3 Ozone ControllerOEM-3

No Yes $345

Aeroqual SM50 Ozone Monitor for OEMSM-50

Yes Yes $325

EcoSensors SM-7 Ozone SensorSM-7

No No $495
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  1. SM-70 Ozone Monitor
  2. B12 Ozone Detector
  3. Series 930 Transmitter (S-930)
  4. F12-D Ozone Monitor
  5. F12-is Ozone Monitor
  6. D-12 Toxic Ozone Gas Monitor
  7. Series 900 Controller (S-900)
  8. B12 Wet Gas Transmitter
  9. SM-50 Ozone Controller
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