WT-4 Ozone Water System

The WT-4 is a complete water treatment system for Well Water applications.  Complete system is simple to install and operate.  System comes complete with 4/hr ozone generator, air dryer, check valve, balance barometer, tubing, and venturi injector.  Typical installation set-up shown on diagrams below. Suitable for 10 GPM bacterial disinfection, odor and taste improvement. 


Ozone system designed specifically for well water treatment.  This system is complete and includes all components necessary to produce ozone and dissolve into water efficiently. The WT-1 is our smallest ozone injection system designed for residential Well Water treatment. System comes complete with all components necessary to produce 800 mg of ozone and dissolve it into water efficiently.  

This system is perfect for water disinfection, H2S removal, and improving taste & odor issues.  The WT-1 can also be used with the FIOX filter to provide additional oxidant for metals removal.  Water flow rate and water test results are needed to determine system sizing and any filtration that may be needed.  Typical installation set-up shown on diagrams below.


Complete System Includes:

-VMUS-4 Ozone Generator

-VMD-8 Air Dryer

-Moisture Indicator

-Venturi Injector

-Check Valve

-Balance Barometer (J-Tube)

-Ozone Contact Tank

-Off-gas vent

-Balance Barometer (J-Tube)



Iron Removal < .1 ppm - requires FIOX filter  for higher levels
Manganese Removal < .1 ppm - requires FIOX filter  for higher levels
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Up to 5 ppm
Pathogen Inactivation 10 GPM continuous
Ozone Dosage 2.5 g/h
Improve taste/odor Yes
Service Flow Rate 8 GPM
Peak Flow 15 GPM
Backwash 8 GPM
Filter Ag Plus 1 CuFt



See diagram below for details on entire system:

WT-4 ozone water system for well water systems


System Features:

     -Complete kit comes with all major components

     -Easy to install, typical DIY individual or handyman can install

     -Easy to operate, completely automated

     -Minimal maintenance, check monthly

     -Chemical Free - ozone reverts to oxygen

     -Great water quality at a low price!


Common Water Quality Issues Treated:

     -Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) oxidation

     -Taste and Odor issues

     -Water disinfection, bacteria, coliform removal

     -Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal

     -* Iron removal and filtration - requires the addition of filtration system

     -* Manganese removal and filtration - requires the addition of filtration system

   * Iron, Manganese, and other minerals can be oxidized with ozone but must be filtered from water for complete removal.  Removal can be performed with back-washable filters, or simple media filters.  Contact our office for details on filtration systems available or help sizing the right filters for your application.


System Operation:

System operation is outlined below.

A water flow totalizer measures water flowing into the ozone contact tank.  Based on water consumption the ozone injection pump turns ON to add ozone gas to the water.  The Ozone injection pump flows water past the venturi injector to create a suction on the venturi.  Ozone gas is pulled into water under vacuum.  Duration of ozone injection time is user settable.  

The WT-1 system can be incorporated with a filter to filter compounds from the water that were oxidized by the ozone.  The filter can be placed after the ozone mixing tank with the water inlet to the pump placed after the filter.  This ensures all water passing through the venturi is free of most oxidizable metals.  This will ensure greater reliability to the system and ensure the venturi is never plugged with oxidized metals or minerals.

Ozone is produced via corona discharge in the Ozone Generator.  A double quartz corona cell with double quartz glass dielectric is used.  Air will pass through the corona cell at flow rates from 2 - 8 LPM, the oxygen in the air will be converted to ozone via the spark created in the corona cell.  The Ozone Generator is air cooled with integrated fans.  When the Ozone Generator turns ON the fans will also start and maintain a cool corona cell for reliable and consistent ozone production.

An Air Dryer is used to dry the air prior to entering the Ozone Generator.  This will remove all moisture from the air to ensure the Ozone Generator operation is reliable and consistent.  The Air Dryer uses moisture absorption desiccant that will absorb moisture from the air as it passes through the dryer.

A balance barometer and check valve are provided with this system to ensure water cannot back-up from the venturi and damage the Ozone Generator.  A balance barometer is a very simple device using water head pressure to balance the vacuum from the venturi and ensure ozone can be pulled into the venturi. However, if a failure of the system occurs and water backs-up from the venturi water will be pushed out of the balance barometer instead of backing up into the Ozone Generator.

The ozone contact tank supplied will allow the ozone gas to mix efficiently with the water.  Mixer elements in the tank will mix ozone with water.  Off-gassing of excess ozone will happen in the headspace of the tank with an air-vent.  This will remove all excess ozone gas from the water efficiently.  In applications such as H2S removal, TOC removal, or water disinfection the contact tank will allow time for oxidation of the contaminate, and off-gassing of the unwanted, oxidized by-products from the water.

Water with minimal ozone residuals will pass into your water system as normal.  No extra parts, pumps, or moving parts are needed.  The real advantage of this system is that it is automated, and no moving parts are added to your system.  Your existing well pump works a little harder, and maybe a little longer to pull ozone into water.  No other mechanical devices will be added to your system.


How to Use the WT Controller: 



Ozone Information


More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Listing Description 4 g/hr Well Water Treatment System
Feed Gas Dry Air
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 8 LPM
Operating Pressure NA
Max Pressure NA
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Operational RH Range 85% max
Power Requirements 120 VAC 60 Hz
Ozone Production 4 g/hr
Lead Time 1-week
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin United States
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