OEM-3 Ozone Controller

OEM-3 Ozone Controller is great for integrated solutions or use within your ozone generator. A simple and effective method to control ozone levels, or shut down equipment in the event of an ozone leak.

The OEM-3 is a 12/24 VDC powered board that offers a 4-20 mA output. 

For reference, the OEM-1 is a 120 VAC powered device that offers a 0-1 VDC output.
For reference the OEM-2 is a 12/24 VDC powered device that offers a 4-20 mA output signal.

Ozone Information

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The model OEM-3 is a system to control ozone generators and alarms based on an adjustable ozone concentration set point. It is designed to work with plug-in sensor modules for 0-0.1 ppm, 0-1.0 ppm, and 0-10.0 ppm. These are specified when ordering by putting the ppm range after the model number. For example, a 0.1 ppm OEM-3 board system would be OEM-3-.1 and the replacement sensor module for it would be OEM-O3-.1. The sensors modules can also be located at a distance from the OEM-3 boards by 6ft or 25ft (2 or 8 meter) cables. These are readily available DIN M/F 5 pin extension cables.

One component of the OEM-3 system is the base board which incorporates the power supply, final signal processing, set-point controls, and the output relay. The other component is the sensor mounted with its associated electronics in a cylindrical DIN plug. This is pre-calibrated in our lab so that the sensor module and main board module together work as a calibrated system. If the sensor module is damaged, it is simply replaced by another precalibrated module.

When it comes to calibrating your OEM-3 Ozone Controller, you should replace your sensor annually.


OEM-3 Ozone Sensor Replacement:

Sensor replacement on OEM-3 is simply plug-n-play.  Remove the old SM-3 and replace with new. 

OEM-3 with replacement SM-3



Application Notes/Diagram:

OEM-3 Ozone Controller Board Drawing and Indicator Information



OEM-3/SM50 Wiring Terminals Cross-Reference

OEM-3 Spec Sheet


EcoSensors Calibration information

General Calibration Information

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer Eco Sensors
Call For Price No
Gas Ozone (O3)
Resolution 0.01 ppm
Integrated Relays Yes
Response Time 8 seconds
Sensor type Electrochemical
Sampling Method Diffusion
Alarms NO/NC relay for control purposes
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 100 deg F
Operational RH Range 0 - 85% RH
Power Requirements 12 VDC
Size 3.25-in wide x 3.25" long x 0.875" tall
Field Replaceable Battery No
Warranty 1 Year
Audible Alarm No
Calibration Replace with Pre-Calibrated Sensor Annually
Sensor Life 1 Year
Range 0-0.1, 0-1.0 , or 0-10.0 ppm
Unit Features

-Field Replaceable Sensor

-User Settable Relay

-4-20 mA Output

Sensor Range

0-0.1 ppm

0-1 ppm

0-10 ppm

Sensor Range

0-0.1 ppm (O3)

0-1 ppm (O3)

0-10 ppm (O3)

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