Treatability Testing

Treatability Testing:

Oxidation Technologies offers Treatability Testing for Industrial Process, Wastewater & Remediation Equipment Testing at our in-house lab.


- In-house bench-testing of your water samples in our lab. We treat your water with ozone or ozone-AOP to determine the effect ozone has on your water.

- Ozone concentration measurement provided for actual ozone dosage rates applied to water, both ozone/oxygen flow rate is measured, and ozone concentration is measured with UV based ozone analyzer

- We treat sample volumes of 1 or 2 liters (nominal). This water can then be collected in sample bottles and shipped to a lab of your choice for 3rd party analysis

- Visual analysis of water can be provided, and basic field testing of water can be performed in our lab. For details on specific availability contact our office

- We typically request 3-5 gallons of your water to perform adequate bench-testing


- On-site pilot testing of your water in your application can be performed with our pilot sized ozone water systems

- We rent ozone systems ranging from 10 – 400 g/hr and can suit a wide variety of applications

- All systems are turnkey and automated for safe and reliable operation – integrated ozone leak sensors and other safety equipment included on all systems

- Water flows can be treated real-time with our systems to determine precise ozone dosages, contact times, and other potential requirements to provide confidence prior to implementing full-scale systems

We have provided rental ozone equipment and testing for years and have learned that these services are helpful in many applications. Therefore, we offer these services to anyone who might find this useful either to learn if ozone is suitable for your application, or to determine precise ozone dosage rates required for oxidation in a specific application.

E-mail or call our office for more details on our services and how we can put our experience to work for you:

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