Electrolytic Ozone Generation Devices:

Ozone can be produced directly in water with Electrolytic Ozone Generation Devices.  This technology has a great deal of limiting factors that prohibit large-scale applications, however below are commercially available devices designed for specific applications and purposes where electrolytic ozone generation is applicable.


Electrolytic Ozone Production Devices
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Roving Blue O-pen
GO3 Water Purifying Cap
GO3 Water Purifying Cap

The GO3™ is the only bottle pod with The Power of EO3™. Stronger than chlorine when dissolved in water, ozone kills microbes quickly and reverts to oxygen. Leaves nothing but a fresh clean taste.

This cap fits most narrow mouthed water bottles, but for a perfect fit, add the GO3 Water Bottle to your purchase as well! 

Tank Keeper Ozo-Pod 50
Tank Keeper Ozo-Pod 50
EnozoPro Handheld Spray Bottle
EnozoPro Handheld Spray Bottle

The EnozoPRO Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle replaces traditional cleaners and sanitizers by converting potable water to ozonated water. The EnozoPRO utilizes a trigger-activated pump drawing upon tap water to create ozonated water on-demand. These handheld 14 oz. sprayers on average can be recharged up to 5,000 times replacing hundreds of gallons of traditional chemical cleaners and sanitizers.

Eco3 Ice Machine Disinfection Unit
Eco3 Ice Machine Disinfection Unit

The Enozo compact Ec03Ice device uses Aqueous Ozone technology to continuously treat incoming water, killing the bacteria in the complete ice-making path, and treating the source water for taste and odor. With each ice making cycle, the Ec03Ice unit generates an effective amount of ozone infused into the water for natural sanitation of the ice storage bin and the ice product itself.

Tank Keeper Ozo-Pod 1000
Tank Keeper Ozo-Pod 1000


Please contact our office for larger systems or configurations not shown. Also, should you have questions about how to incorporate these devices in your application, we are glad to help.



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