Calculate ozone output from CFM and PPM


Calculate Ozone Generator Output


mg/hr = ((cfm / 35.33568) x 60) x (ppm x 2.14)



About this calculator:

Use this calculator to calculate output of a commercial, air-blower, style ozone generator. Also can be used to calculate ozone demand for a desired air-flow and ozone concentration.

Commonly used units of measure are used, to convert these use the calculators below.


Convert your flow to CFM using calculator below:

Convert common flow values






SCFH = Standard Cubic Feet per Hour

LPM = Liters per Minute

GPM = Gallons per Minute

m3/hr = Cubic Meters per Hour

Convert any flow value into any other. Enter your flow and click Convert.



Convert ozone measurement values using calculator below:

Ozone Concentration in air by volume

mg/l, g/m3, ug/ml
mg/m3 O3

1 mg/l = 1 g/m3 = 1 ug/ml = 467 ppm O3

1 ppm = 2.14 mg/m3 O3

100 pphm (parts per hundred million = 1 ppm (parts per million)

This calculator is only used for ozone concentrations values by volume. See below for by weight conversions.



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