Mobile Ozone Water Cart for dissolving ozone into water:

The MOB Ozone Water Cart is a mobile option to produce dissolved ozone for disinfection and sanitation purposes.

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O3 Production

Max Water Flow

Calculated O3 Dosages

MOB-20 Ozone injection cartMOB-10


10  g/hr

(grams per hour)


20 GPM

(gallons per minute)


2.20 ppm @ 20 GPM

2.94 ppm @ 15 GPM

4.41 ppm @ 10 GPM

8.82 ppm @ 5 GPM

20 g/hr mobile ozone cartMOB-20


20  g/hr

(grams per hour)


20 GPM

(gallons per minute)



4.41 ppm @ 20 GPM

5.88 ppm @ 15 GPM

8.82 ppm @ 10 GPM

17.64 ppm @ 5 GPM


MOB-30 ozone water systemMOB-30


30  g/hr

(grams per hour)


20 GPM

(gallons per minute)

6.61 ppm @ 20 GPM

8.82 ppm @ 15 GPM

13.3 ppm @ 10 GPM

26.46 ppm @ 5 GPM

Please contact our office for larger systems or configurations not shown. We will provide a custom quote for an integrated ozone system that will meet your needs.


MOB-Series Brochure


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Oxygen Safety

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