Static Mixer

Inline Static Mixers
Product Thread Size Typical Water Flow Price
CPS Static Mixer
CPS-007 Static Mixer
3/4" NPS 1-12 GPM
CPS Static Mixer
CPS-010 Static Mixer
1" NPS 2-20 GPM
CPS Static Mixer
CPS-015 Static Mixer
1 1/2" NPS 4-45 GPM
CPS Static Mixer
CPS-020 Static Mixer
2" NPS 6-75 GPM
CPS Static Mixer
CPS-030 Static Mixer
3" NPS 25-160 GPM
CPS Static Mixer
CPS-040 Static Mixer
4" NPS 40-275 GPM

Flash reactors for additional mixing of ozone gas into water. Flash reactors are used as a static mixer.

Mazzei Flash Reactors
Product Thread Size Typical Water Flow Price
FR-75-NK Flash Reactor
Flash Reactor 75-NK
3/4" Male NPT 8.5 to 11 GPM
FR-73-NK Flash Reactor
Flash Reactor 73-NK
3/4" Male NPT 6.9 to 9.9 GPM
Natural PVDF Flash Reactor for mixing ozone and water
Flash Reactor 70-NK
3/4" Male NPT 5.3 to 7.7 GPM



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