1-AVCW Ozone Air Vent

Armstrong 1-AVCW Ozone Air Vent is used to vent excess ozone and air from ozone water systems.  The clear bowl allows for great visual of system operation and off-gassing from system.

New redesigned version

Ozone Information

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Armstrong 1-ACVW Air Vent designed specifically for ozone water systems where off-gassing is necessary.  This is the best air vent for ozone applications we have found or tested.  This is what we use for for many of our ozone injection systems and offer it for sale to our customers also.

The 1-ACVW has been recently redesigned by Armstrong.  This redesign corrected a few issues with compatibility with high concentrations of ozone.  The new design is longer lasting and more ozone resistant than the previous design.  There was a slight price increase associated with the redesign.

See-Thru Body Shows You It’s Working
Now, you can literally see what you’ve been missing.  The Armstrong 1-AVCW See-Thru Air Vent lets you easily check its operating condition. You won’t have to waste time and money scheduling maintenance that isn’t needed, and you can quickly react to a condition before it becomes a problem.

Efficient Operation
Simple ball-float mechanism doesn’t need electricity to operate.  The air vent automatically discharges only when air or gas is present. No liquid is lost, as with manual venting

Positive Seating
Free-floating valve mechanism ensures positive seating and prevents liquid loss. There are no fixed pivots to wear or create friction. Wear points are heavily reinforced for long life.

Corrosion Resistance
Long-lasting PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) cap provides trouble-free operation. Stainless steel internal parts resist corrosion and reduce maintenance.


NOTE: The Armstrong 1-AVCW should not be used in an environment where there are high levels of ketones or chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons.

You can purchase replacement parts for your 1-AVCW here.


Full list of 1AVCW replacement parts

Vendor Part# Our Part#
D80386 1AVCW Cap
D104715 1AVCW Oring Set
D80387 1AVCW Fitting
D84655 1AVCW Clear Bowl
A22447 1AVCW Float
D503515 1AVCW Mechanism


Download Spec Sheet for full list of specifications

Ozone Information





More Information
Manufacturer Misc
Quickbooks Stock Level -4.000000
Quickbooks Stock Date Expected 2024-08-05 00:00:00
Call For Price No
Material of construction Polypropylene
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 60 LPM
Operating Pressure 0 - 10 bar, 0-150 PSI
Max Pressure 10 bar / 150 PSI
Gas Connections 3/4" NPT inlet, 1/2" NPT outlet
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.5" tall
3.5" wide
Operational Temperature Range 0 - 65-deg C
Power Requirements none
Lead Time in stock
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
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