Pet Odors

Pet Odor Removal with Ozone

For people with pets, it can be extremely difficult to even notice if your pet is secreting any kind of odor, however, pets have the capacity to make your home, cars, offices, and possessions smell. In most cases this is nothing to be concerned about, even healthy animals can produce odors (although unhealthy animals have been seen to produce more). The bacteria and yeast that is present in animals skin oils is typically what will cause the malodors to be present. Another unpleasant smell from animals is the occurrence of urine or feces in a room. While unpleasant, using an ozone generator can help to efficiently eliminate these smells. 


Where Pet Odors are Commonly Present:

Pet odors tend to stick to the people and places they are present in. Think of pesky hairs that are difficult to get off after petting an animal. Because of this, almost anywhere people who have pets visit have the capacity to develop a lingering pet odor. Of course, places where your pets frequent tend to have stronger smells, like homes and cars. 

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     -Homes      -Offices
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     -Clothes      -Pet Day Care Facilities
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How to Remove Pet Odors:

In most cases, simply closing off an area and treating it with an ozone generator will be enough to eliminate the pet odor that is present. It is important to remember that people and pets should vacate the area before using ozone treatment. In special circumstances, where urine or feces are creating the odors, just using ozone won’t be enough to get rid of the odor. You will need to make sure that the floors have been cleaned deeply prior to the ozone treatment to completely eradicate the odor.

Predicting exactly how long it will take to get rid of the pet odor can be difficult to determine. The stronger the odor and the space of the area you’re removing the odor from, will be the two biggest factors for determining the process duration. As a general rule when you are dealing with pet odors, you should expect the process to take at least 2 days, but it may take 2 weeks in extreme circumstances. 



It is extremely important to note that ozone, while indoors, at high levels, can become harmful to breathe in. It is also probable that to properly get rid of an odor with ozone (in smaller spaces) you are going to need ozone levels above the safety concentration (according to OSHA: workers should not be exposed to an average concentration of more than 0.10 ppm of ozone for 8 hours). Because of this, please make sure that there are no people or animals in an area where high concentrations of ozone are going to be present. For tracking ozone concentrations while you eliminate pet odors, we recommend using a handheld ozone monitor which you can find here. 


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