O2 Boost 10

2-3 week build time

Boost oxygen pressure from any 10 LPM concentrator. 

Do you want to use an oxygen concentrator to supply your new hard shell hyperbaric chamber, but can't seem to keep the flow up when the pressure increases?  The standard 10 LPM oxygen concentrator may be rated to produce up to 20 psi, but when used to supply oxygen to hard shell hyperbaric chambers, the flow dwindles and will stop before getting there.  On top of the pressure within the chamber, the concentrator needs to overcome check valves as well, and there just is not enough pressure available.  A properly sized boost compressor can solve this problem and allow any oxygen concentrators you have available to provide the pressure you need.  
Below is a picture of a 10 liter per minute boost compressor being fed with two 8 LPM oxygen concentrators.  The concentrators are backed off to supply 5 LPM each to the boost compressor.  The boost compressor then takes that oxygen supply and boosts it to match whatever is needed to produce 10 LPM of flow into the chamber.  The O2 Boost comes with DISS fittings that are used with supplying hyperbaric chambers.  
This boost compressor is a good option if you have a number of concentrators that are not doing the job of getting oxygen into your chamber.  If you are looking for an oxygen concentrator that has the power to boost oxygen to your chamber pressure, you will need to look at our TOX MP series of concentrators.  
Our TOX MP series incorporates this boost option into the concentrator package.  

- Maintain 10 LPM flow at up to 50 psi
- Pressure will match chamber pressure
- On/off switch with flowmeter and 0-60 psi delivery pressure gauge
- 3/8" brass FPT inlet and outlet


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Boost oxygen pressure from any 10 LPM concentrator

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