C-16 / D-16 Replacement Parts

D-16/C-16 Replacement Parts
Product Unit Features Price
ATI Sensor Keeper
ATI Sensor Keeper for 4 sensors

The ATI sensor module keeper will keep each sensor ready for operation so complete sensor changes and sensor warm-up can be made in less than 1 minute.

Part Number: 00-0981

C16 Charger
C16 Charger

Replacement power charger cord for the C16.

Part Number: 28-0015

Front Panel Overlay for the C16
C16 Front Panel Overlay

Replacement front panel overlay for the C16.

Parrt Number: 34-0137

C16 Interface Cable

Interface Cable (RS-232) for the C16.

Part Number: 03-0201

Manifold lid for the C16
C16 Manifold Lid

Manifold Lid for the C16

Sku: 03-0199

C16 Accessories
C16 Pump

Pump Replacement for C16

Part Number: 36-0091

C16 Replacement Battery
C16 Replacement Battery

Replacment battery for a C-16

Part Number: 00-0057

Voltage Output Cable
C16 Voltage Output Cable

Voltage Output Cable for the C16

Sku: 03-0205

Cap for Batteries 03-0194
C16/D16 Battery Cap

Battery Cap for the C16/D16

Sku: 03-0194

Calibration T for the C16
C16/D16 Calibration "T"

Calibration bypass T for the C16/D16

Sku: 00-1088

Carrying Case
C16/D16 Carrying Case

Carrying Case for the C16/D16

Sku: 90-0009

Extension Wand for the C16
C16/D16 Extension Wand

Extension Wand for the C16 and D16.

Sku: 03-0176

Flow Indicator
C16/D16 Flow Indicator

Flow Indicator with tubing adapter for the C16 and D16

Sku: 03-0107

Quick Disconnect Inlet Fitting
C16/D16 Inlet Fitting

Quick Disconnect Inlet Fitting for the C16/D16

Sku: 44-0096

Sensor Filter
C16/D16 Spare filter discs

Package of 10 replacement filter elements for C16/D16

Sku: 05-0038

D16 Battery Charger
D16 Battery Charger

NiMH battery charger for the "D" cell batteries on the D16


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