Seneca Ceramic Diffuser

The Seneca Ceramic Diffuser is designed for bubbling ozone gas into water for simple mass transfer of ozone gas into water.

NOTE: The stand does not come with, that is just an example on how to use it


Comparison of a sintered stainless steel diffuser with a ceramic diffuser achieving dissolved ozone in 50 gallons of water using a 45 g/m3 ozone concentration at a 4 LPM flow rate: 

Time (min):  DO3 Ceramic:  DO3 SS6-7 SS: 
1 0.18 0.13
2 0.32 0.23
3 0.44 0.35
4 0.7 0.4
5 0.81 0.5
6 1.01 0.6
7 1.12 0.7
8 1.22 0.75
9 1.35 0.8
10 1.4 0.85


PCD 4 Diffuser:

The PCD 4 diffuser is an excellent choice for ozone/oxygen diffusion because it has superior compatibility with ozone, is able to operate effectively at very low pressure, and has a very wide flow range. The entire unit is composed of ceramic with no components that are oxidized by ozone. Once submerged, it requires only 5 psi in addition to the head pressure to produce a uniform bubble curtain. The low operation pressure is perfect for ozone applications because it eliminates the need for high pressure ozone. Gas flow range is from 0 to 40 Liters/minute. Lower flow rates have a higher Gas Transfer Efficiency. For short water columns (less than 3 feet), or for critical applications where the highest efficiency is needed, it is recommended to keep the gas flow under 10 Liters/minute.

When multiple PCD 4 diffusers are used on one supply line, individual flow control is advised to ensure even distribution to each diffuser.

- All Ceramic Body

- 225 mm diameter

- Corrosion resistant

- Durable structure

- ¾” NPT ceramic inlet port


Ceramic Diffuser Video:


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More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Quickbooks Stock Level 0.000000
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Flow Rates

0-40 LPM

Nominal Gas Flow Rate 0-40 LPM
Gas Connections 3/4" Ceramic Male NPT
Dimensions (LxWxH) 225 mm Diameter, 30 mm Thick
Warranty 1 Year
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