Cost Effectiveness of Ozonation and AOPs for Aromatic Compound Removal from Water: A Preliminary Study

Courtesy of:  Ozone: Science & Engineering  The Journal of the International Ozone Association

Ozone science and engineeringAuthors: R. Munter M. TrapidoY. Veressinina & A. Goi


Pages 287-293 | Received 21 Sep 2005, Accepted 01 Feb 2006, Published online: 05 Dec 2006


The capital and operating costs for several aromatic compounds (phenanthrene, 2,4-dimethylphenol, 2,4,6-trichlorophenol, nitrobenzene) removal from polluted groundwater using ozonation and advanced oxidation have been estimated on the basis of the laboratory experiments in semibatch conditions. The pollutants initial concentration was in the range of 0.01–1.0 mM. In the calculations the polluted groundwater flow rate was taken 40 m3/h with the initial pH = 7.0. It is shown that polluted groundwater purification from the aromatic pollutants with the initial concentration in the range of 0.01–1.0 mM using ozonation and advanced oxidation is economically feasible.


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