CDU-3000 Ozone Destruct Device

Ozone Scrubber will safetly destroy ozone in gas flows.

  • 3000 LPM in wet, off-gas applications
  • 6000 LPM in dry off-gas applications. 

99.96% efficient at rated flow-rates.

Ozone Information


True Catalytic Ozone Destruct Device will safely catalyze ozone to oxygen reliably with no consumables.  All CDU ozone destruct devices are compatible with wet or dry ozone gas.  For use with wet ozone gas a heater element is required.

The CDU Ozone Destruct Device uses a simple design with all stainless steel and Teflon materials touching ozone gas.  This will provide excellent material compatibility and longevity. 

The inlet of the CDU is on the bottom, air flows up through the catalyst bed to the outlet on the top.  Both inlet and outlet use 2" Female NPT connections for secure connections.  An air gap is used on the inlet to ensure no short circuiting of the ozone gas and room for any potential condensation to be converted safely to vapor form in the heated area of the destruct unit.  This ensures the catalyst is not damaged by water droplets on the catalyst material.


Flow capacities:

  • 3000 LPM (106 CFM) in wet, off-gas applications (with optional heater element)
  • 6000 LPM (212 CFM) in dry off-gas applications

Wet air is considered an off-gas from ozone water systems or ozone processes containing water.  Ozone off-gas is commonly passed through the Catalyst Destruct Unit to safely remove ozone from the off-gas and catalyze to oxygen.  As this gas is wet and humid a greater contact time between the catalyst material and gas stream is required.  This results in a lower air flow rating.

Dry air is considered a part of an ozone process where ozone gas is produced from oxygen, or dry air and ozone destruction is necessary as part of that process.

Ambient air applications may have some humidity and will fall somewhere between wet and dry process air classification.  We suggest for humidity levels above 30% the wet air flow rating is used.  Humidity levels above 50% should also use the optional heater element.  For questions on your specific application please contact us.


Replaceable Catalyst:

The catalyst material used in the CDU Ozone Destruct Device is completely replaceable.  While the catalyst is expcted to have a life of many years in dry gas applications and at least 1 year in wet gas applications it will become contaminated with impurities in the air and loose effectiveness over time.  Replacing the catalyst material is very simple.  The top cap of the CDU is easily removable with a screen and gasket in place.  Old catalyst can be poured out of the top, and replaced.  Complete maintenance should take no longer than 30 minutes.

A complete catalyst replacement kit is available that includes the required catalyst material, replacement screens, and a new gasket.  Follow this link for details and to purchase

CDU-300 Rebuild Kit



Carulite 200:

The CDU Ozone Destruct Device uses Carulite 200 granular catalyst for ozone destruction.  Carulite 200 is a safe material that is landfill approved and is not considered a hazardous waste. 


CDU-3000 Options:

The CDU-3000 Ozone Destruct Unit is configurable with the options shown in the purchasing section of this page.  These are detailed below.


Heater Element

For wet gas applications, or off-gas situations the CDU-300 must be equipped with the heater element.  This ensures the moisture in the air passes through the unit as a vapor.  Water droplets on the catalyst material will hinder the ozone destruction efficiency and shorten the life of the catalyst.  By heating the open chamber at the inlet of the unit this is resolved. 


Wall Bracket

A wall bracket can be added to the CDU-300 for easy mounting to the wall.  Threaded studs will be provided that will ensure any heat generated from the device will be dissipated. 

The CDU-300 can also be mounted directly with the inlet and outlet fittings in-line with ridged stainless steel piping.


 Larger units and custom units are available upon request.


CDU Manual

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Operating Pressure -5 - 10 PSI
Gas Connections 2" Female NPT inlet and outlet
Dimensions 8 1/2" diameter (tube)
10" overall diameter
30" overall tall
Operational Temperature Range 0 - 125-deg F
Power Requirements 120 VAC (with optional heater), 1.0 amp
Lead Time 1-week
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
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