ATL-100 Ozone Generator is an extremely efficient air cooled ozone generator.

100 g/hr ozone from only 24 LPM Oxygen


The ATL-100 Ozone Generator is an air-cooled ozone generator designed to produce 100 g/hr ozone from only 24 LPM of oxygen.  This extremely efficient ozone generator is great for water treatment due to the high ozone concentration. 

When high ozone concentrations are required for high dissolved ozone levels the ATL-100 is a great option.  No other air-cooled ozone generator on the market can provide as high of ozone concentrations as the ATL-100 Ozone Generator.


     -Low oxygen requirements for ozone generation, very efficient

     -High-pressure cell produces ozone under pressures up to 100 PSI

     -Variable ozone output with onboard dial, or remote control options

     -Remote control safety shut-off

     -Low operating costs with low power requirements and oxygen requirements

     -Stainless steel enclosure

     -Optional bench mount or rack mount enclosures to best fit your application

Materials of Constructions:

     -Enclosure: Brushed Stainless Steel/Aluminum

     -High Precision Machined Ozone Generator Cell tested at up to 150 PSIG for leaks

     -O3/O2 Gas Tubing: PTFE/304 Stainless Steel/Brass

 Ozone Generator Performance Chart:

100 g/hr Ozone Generator Performance Chart

12.7 g/hr @ 12.7% by weight from 1 LPM O2 flow

21.1 g/hr @ 13.2% by weight from 2.0 LPM O2 flow

37.1 g/hr @ 11.6% by weight from 4.0 LPM O2 flow

47.3 g/hr @ 9.8% by weight from 6.0 LPM O2 flow

59.6 g/hr @ 9.3% by weight from 8.0 LPM O2 flow

67.6 g/hr @ 8.4% by weight from 10.0 LPM O2 flow

81.4 g/hr @ 7.3% by weight from 14.0 LPM O2 flow

85.2 g/hr @ 6.7% by weight from 16.0 LPM O2 flow

94.1 g/hr @ 5.9% by weight from 20.0 LPM O2 flow

103.3 g/hr @ 5.4% by weight from 24.0 LPM O2 flow


Common Applications:

     -Water Treatment

     -Groundwater Remediation

     -Bottled water


     -Cooling Tower

     -Grain Treatment

     -Odor Removal

     -Wastewater Treatment


     -Food Processing



ATL Series Brochure

ATL Series Manual

More Information
Call For Price No
Ozone Output 80 g/hr @ 5.6% by weight
Feed Gas Oxygen
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 18 LPM oxygen flow to produce 60 g/hr ozone. Higher flows produce more ozone.
Operating Pressure 20 - 50 PSI nominal (higher pressure units available)
Max Pressure 50 PSI standard, up to 100 PSI optional
Manufacturer Absolute Ozone
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Corona Cell Aluminum , Ceramic Plate
Gas Connections 1/4" compression fittings
Dimensions (LxWxH) 7" x 19" x 14"
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Max O3 % 10% +
Power Requirements 120 VAC 9-amp 50/60 Hz. (220 VAC 7-amp 50/60Hz power optional)
Lead Time 2-weeks
Warranty 5 Year
Country of Origin Canada
Description Enclosure Dimensions: 14-inch height x 19-inch width x 7-inch depth Generator Weight: 32 lbs. Shipping Weight: 38 lbs Shipping Dimensions: 19-inch x 24-inch x 11-inch
Unit Features

Ozone Output:

- 100 g/hr ozone from 24 LPM oxygen @ 5.4% by weight

- Capable of O3 concentrations up to 15% by weight at low flow-rates


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