Tank Keeper Ozo-Pod 1000

The Tank Keeper is an industrial grade electrolyic ozone water generator that can be used in a mulitude of applications. 

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The Ozo-Pod®10, 50, and 1000 are in-situ industrial Ozone Water Generators, The Tank-Keeper™, that consist of the ozone water generator, the power cable, and if required, any necessary power supplies. These devices are designed to be used with clear tap water of unknown safety. The units are fully immersed into the water and the power is applied.

The Ozo-Pods® immediately begin to produce almost microscopic bubbles of ozone gas.  Unlike corona-arc ozone production technologies which rely upon atmospheric oxygen to produce ozone, Roving Blue Ozo-Pods® make ozone from the water itself, eliminating the need for air pumps, tubing and airstones. 

Because the ozone is not bubbled through the water, there is less ozone escaping into the air, which is hazardous to breathe in at high levels.  The ozone stays in the water, where it does its work.  When it reverts back to oxygen, the water is left highly oxygenated, a boon for aquaculture and other applications.


Operating Instructions:

Note the “on/off” switch and make sure the unit is off.
Plug the cord into a GFCI protected (kitchen or bath) protected outlet.
Fill a sink or bowl or tank with the desired amount of water you want to treat.
Place the OZO-Pod® so that it is positioned at the bottom of the tank. How quickly the OZO-Pod® will bring the of water to your desired level of ozone will depend on many factors, they are:
- Tank size
- Tank shape
- pH of water
- Temperature of water
- Conductivity of the water (the unit will not work well with ultra-pure water)
1PPM (part per million) +, is lethal to most microorganisms. A good “rule of thumb” for the water to reach this level is “one liter, one minute, one part per million”. You may purchase ozone test kits to verify levels of ozone (not provided), however the “smell test” works well. Ozone has a sharp smell not unlike chlorine. You will definitely smell the ozone once it has saturated the water.
Once powered up, the OZO-Pod® will begin emitting a cloud of ozone gas in tiny bubbles in the water.
You will notice the sharp, clean smell of ozone, which many people compare to the smell in the air after a thunderstorm. Run as long as necessary to reached desired ozone levels. Wait 5 minutes as ozone needs “contact time” to kill undesired microorganisms.


Water Tanks:
Water tanks should incorporate the use of a pump to circulate and agitate the water so that the ozone is mixed well from bottom to top. This will evenly distribute the ozone throughout the water to ensure maximum disinfection.
After 5 minutes contact time at the desired level of ozone, you may utilize the water.

Lifetime of unit:
The OZO-Pods® have a lifetime of between 1,000 and 3,000 hours. Use of a timer to run the unit once or twice a day will make it last considerably longer than utilizing it continuously.
Once it is powered off, the ozone dissolved into the water will immediately begin to revert back to oxygen, and the smell is diminished. Once you can no longer smell the ozone, you can assume the water is safe to use.

Shut Down Procedures:
Once you are done, simply remove the OZO-Pod® from the water and allow to air dry. Store in a clean dry place.


Water tends to contain minerals such as calcium carbonate that will slowly accumulate on the electrode of your OZO-pod reducing its efficiency. If you notice weak ozone production, you may need to clean the electrodes. The electrodes should be cleaned at least once a year.

To Clean:

- Prepare a solution of 5 parts tap water to 1 part regular kitchen vinegar.

- Submerge the ozone electrode in this solution for 10 minutes and stir making sure to keep the OZO-pod powered down.

- Remove from the solution and rinse in cool tap water.


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Call For Price Yes
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Warranty 1 Year
Description The Ozo-Pod® 1000 ozone generator, also known as "The Tank Keeper," is an industrial option designed to sanitize tap water in large amounts.. It's proven to be popular with our customers for ozonating bath water without an overpowering ozone smell.
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