Correct flow for flow-meter

Corrected pressure for pressurized flow meter

Measured Flow
Pressure in PSI
Corrected Flow Rate

Corrected Flow = Measured flow X √ (PSI +14.7) / 14.7 

Calculate pressure in your float style flow-meter using this calculation. When flow-meters are under pressure the flow must be calculated for the pressure to provide accurate flow readings.


About this calculator:

Use this calculator to correct gas flow reading from a standard float style flow-meter for pressure. Standard flow-meters will read an artificially low value when under pressure and will give an artificially low flow reading when under pressure. This calculator will correct for pressure and give an accurate reading.

Any flow unit can be used (LPM, SCFH, etc.) as the calculator is calculating for pressure. Therefore input your flow value and pressure value without concern over unit of measure for flow.

This calculator uses PSI for pressure readings only. You have have to convert your pressure reading to PSI.


Convert PSI using calculator below:

Pressure Calculator

Feed of Head

Convert any pressure value by entering value in the blank and pressing Convert.


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